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We offer full accountancy services, to ensure your Chiang Mai business meets all its legal obligations.
We can do full company incorporations in Chiang Mai as well as offer monthly accounting services.
Our accounting department can help with all tax issues and dealing with the Chiang Mai labor office for things such as Work permits. They also are frequently at the Chiang Mai tax offices and have a great working knowledge of the systems in place. We can also help with your staff, by ensuring all their taxes are paid and they are registered properly with the Social Security office in Chiang Mai.
Our accountants will ensure you know what your duties are on owning a business in Chiang Mai, as well as your tax obligations.

We offer:

  • Monthly Accounting for Chiang Mai companies
  • Yearly Audits for Chiang Mai business’s
  • Shareholder Changes
  • Directorship Changes
  • Increasing or decreasing share capital
  • Changing company names
  • Registering staff for social security in Chiang Mai
  • As the office has Thai and English speakers you can be assured you will leave understanding the process.

For any accountancy problems in Chiang Mai contact us today.