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We offer a certified translations service here in Chiang Mai. We can translate documents from Thai to English, or from English to Thai.
We have a Thai lawyer on staff if a notary is required. Translations are normally finished within 24 hours.
As well as translations we can also offer legalizations in Chiang Mai. The Legalizations are done at the Chiang Mai Ministry of Foreign Affairs office.
Due to the nature of translating Thai to English some government officers in Chiang Mai request a word is translated in a different way, for example “Muang Chiang Mai” to “Mueng Chieng Mai”. Due to there being no standard this can cause problems. We have a great working knowledge about the different offices, but in case of a new officer we will make any requested changes for free.
If you need documents translated in Chiang Mai call us today.


  • Q. Why use us for translations?
  • A. Fast and cost effective
    Easily accessible in case changes are needed.