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90 Days Report


90 day reporting in Chiang Mai, can be a time consuming experience. If you have a long stay visa you will need to report every 90days to the local immigration office.

This can be done by post, if you send copies of your passport and slip to the immigration. The problem with post is sometimes you will not get a confirmation it has been done. Any delay in 90day reporting over 7 days results in a 2000 baht fine.

We can handle all your 90day reporting for a 1 time yearly fee. We will make all relevant copies of your visa, and prepare the paperwork. We will contact you 15 days before to remind you about the report. We will then take your passport to the Chiang Mai Immigration and ensure the 90day report is completed correctly and logged in their system. Any changes to the 90day reporting in Chiang Mai, will result in us contacting your directly.

We take the hassle out of 90day reporting. Its one less thing for you to remember or deal with. If you want a great 90 day reporting service in Chiang Mai come to see us.


For a 90 day report the following is required.

  • Photo copies of your passport and visa page
  • A photocopy of your TM6
  • A photocopy of your TM30
  • A completed TM47 form