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Guardian Visa NON-O


A guardian visa is obtained in Chiang Mai, if you are supporting a child here. The most common Guardian cases in Chiang Mai, involve a child being in an international school, and the parents becoming their Guardian for the duration of their schooling. There are also cases where by the father or mother of a Thai Child can obtain a Guardian visa based on taking care of the child in Thailand.
In the case of guardian visas, there is no standard list to give someone. Each case will be dependent on the individual. Therefore for anyone wishing to obtain a guardian visa in Chiang Mai we recommend they contact our office


  • 4-500,000 baht in a Thai bank account
  • Proof of relationship to Child
  • Documents notarized eg birth certificate
  • If unmarried/divorced a court order giving you parental responsibility
  • Passport of yourself and the child
  • Photos of you and the child
  • A completed TM.7 form
  • A photocopy of your TM.30
  • Bank letter and bank book updated
  • School documents