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NON-O Visa


Non-O visas are in the category of other. Therefore there are several categories. The most common in Chiang Mai is sometimes referred to as a follow visa. This is where one party has a visa, and their family members follow there yearly visa. The most common of these is a married couple where both are foreign, once party obtains the 1 year retirement visa and the other tags onto it. In this case one party has a Non-O with a 1 year extension based on retirement and the other has the 1 year Non-O based on following them. These visas can only be obtained if there is a legal relationship between the parties. It is also necessary to have said legal documents notarized.

Another popular category of Non-O is a volunteer visa. Chiang Mai has a large number of organisations where people can volunteer their time to assist charitable aids, and in return obtain a visa and work permit. If you wish to volunteer in Chiang Mai there are many ways to go about it, if you need any help you can contact us and we will assist you in any way we can.
As stated before there are a huge amount of Non-O visas that are possible to get in Chiang Mai. Most peoples cases are specific and therefore we recommend you contact us so we can offer you the best information on reciveing a Non-O visa in Chiang Mai


  • Non-O visas are varied however in most cases you will need to obtain a Non-O 90day visa from outside the country
  • Once you have a Non-O visa obtained at a Thai consulate or embassy you can enter Thailand where you will be given 90days
  • After 60 days we can then extension your visa at Chiang Mai immigration as long as you meet the requirements for your particular type of Non-O