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Student Visa NON-ED


A student visa or study visa is issued if you are attending a licensed school in Chiang Mai. There are many options such as your children attending a school here, or if you wish to study Thai Language. Chiang Mai offers the chance to obtain a 1 year education visa and depending on where you attend this can either be a straight forward 1 year stamp, given at Chiang Mai immigration, or 3 90day extensions again done at Chiang Mai Immigration. The benefit of these visa is you can stay in Chiang Mai and are not required to do boarder runs.
We have worked with many different International schools within Chiang Mai, as well as many language schools. Not only can we help you with your educational visa, but also should you need a guardian of follow visa we can also ensure you receive this at the Chiang Mai Immigration.
The most important part about any Education visa is understanding what you are signing up for. We will make sure we find the right school or education course for your needs.


  • Enrolled in a licensed School
  • Passport
  • Passport photo
  • A completed TM.7 form
  • A photocopy of your TM.30
  • School Papers